"Tenant Options streamlines the often time consuming process of sifting through multiple applications so you need only spend your valuable time reviewing & investigating the quality applications, whilst still ensuring that due diligence is done by getting responses from every application. It has meant instead of losing several hours on applications we can put more time into the quality applications & then move on to a different task.  This has resulted in properties being leased quicker as much of the application process is automated. I recommend Tenant Options to all property managers and business owners as it's a time saving exercise that assists in processing applications quicker & therefore leasing properties quickly, whilst still ensuring that all applications have been appropriately vetted for due diligence. I really like the fact that the program interfaces seamlessly with Inspect Real Estate & that it allows you to summarise the good application's & send as an email to the Landlord so they already have the basic details before you even call them."
Deborah - Senior Property Manager, Turner Real Estate 
"We were approached by the head of Property Management from Harcourts state office to trial a new program 'Tenant Options'. At first I was a bit sceptical but having used it now for over 2 months the team and I love the program. So far we have found no issues with the program, it has dramatically saved our time spent reference checking, sped up the time frame in which we are able to accept applicants and overall streamlined the process. The automatic landlord summary is a fantastic feature which again saves time as it pull all the relevant information needed. 
The customer service from Michael and the team at Tenant Options has also been fantastic, we have only dealt with the support team during the setup and since then the program has run very smoothly. 
I would happily recommend any Property Manager to use Tenant Options, the automatic reference checking and landlord summary will save you copious amounts of time.
Rachel - Senior Property Manager, Harcourts 
"We approached Tenant Options because we were feeling overwhelmed with our workload of checking and chasing up tenant applicants for the ID’s and bank records. Tenant Options helped us by taking away 90% of the headache of applications.  Reference checks, ID’s everything is done online and on one portal.  It places the onus on the tenant to do the work and not the property manager.  As a property manager I then check any references as I would normally anyway.  It is easy to read and download.  

The result was freeing up time to focus on other work.

One thing I liked was their support and the ease of use of the software.

I found the experience absolutely 100% easy.

I would recommend Tenant Options to people who need time"

Deborah - Principal, Real Estate Partners 

We approached Tenant Options because it was recommended to us by the Head of Property Management for Harcourts SA after we had discussions about where most of our time was being spent (wasted) in our department.

Incredibly simple to implement and we saw an instant reduction in the amount of time we spent chasing references for applications. Every Property Manager, no matter what size rent role, will benefit from this.

Jennifer - Investment Manager, Harcourts